Caesarea was founded in the fourth century BC, but reached its peak during Herod who built a port city in honor of emperor Augustus and therefore called it “Caesarea”.
Caesarea harbor at the time was the largest and most modern in the middle east. Herod built the port with wooden boxes filled with volcanic ashes that was brought from Naples, Italy, when the boxes were put into the water and the ash got wet is hardened to the concrete.
Many modern harbors is necessary to use special mechanical equipment to pump out the port sand and sediment. herod his engineers knew to build canals whose job was to create a constant water flow outward from the port to remove sand and sediment.
The port that we can see toady was built in the 12th century by the crusaders, when we fly in Caesarea and the see is calm it is possible to see the silhouette of Herod port that was sunk over the years for unknown reasons.


Under the streets of the city has a sewage system that was drains into the Mediterranean sea.

The water supply to the city of Caesarea was solved by building long aqueduct that brought water from the slopes of mount Carmel.

The flight to Caesarea outbound from Rishon Letzion or Tel Aviv, on the way we will see the coastline of Tel Aviv and Israel’s business capital from the height.
on the way will see the marina of Herzliya, Apollonia site, Netanya who also has an interesting history (but it will keep it to the flight ..).
since it is helicopter we can pick you up from virtually anywhere in the country.

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